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EEP, Expatriate Evacuation Program, has been developed by us
to evacuate your employees from an African country. Our
program is composed of three main parts: The preparation
phase, the observation phase and the actual evacuation.
In the first part of the preparation phase we collect and analyze
information. Information about the evacuees themselves, the
possible threats, the environment, the subsidiaries and the
assembly- and departure points.
Based on the information we develop the individual evacuation plan.
Then, we compile, brief and train our local teams and inform
your employees what they have to do in case of an evacuation.
The aim of the preparation phase is that everybody who is
involved in the evacuation knows exactly what they have to do.
During the standby or observation phase we observe the situation
on the ground. To get a most objective picture of the situation
we use information from as many resources as available. We
assess the information, we inform you early about possible
negative developments, provide you with recommendation for
action and adjust the evacuation plan if needed.
The aim of the observation phase is to inform you as early as
possible of negative developments in the African country and
to react appropriately.
You determine the start of the evacuation phase. We put our
local teams on standby and if it is necessary we dispatch a
German observer / coordinator to the African country. We
monitor the situation on the ground in close collaboration with
you. For the actual evacuation we dispatch our German
coordination team to the African country. In combination with
our local colleagues we are able to carry out your evacuation
quickly, organized and with utmost safety.
The aim of the evacuation phase is to bring your employees low
key, as quick as possible, as safe as possible home.
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