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EPP, Expatriate Protection Program, has been developed
by us to protect employees despatched to work in
countries in Africa. Our preparation begins in Africa and
Germany. We take two approaches in this regard:
strengthening the person and creating a secure environment.
Strengthening the person
We are one of the few companies in Europe that will train
you in security-relevant behaviour combined with
resilience training. Resilience means inner strength.
Emotionally and mentally resilient expatriates are
distinguished by a number of different key skills, which
are highly relevant to working successfully abroad.
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During the preparation in Germany, you are sensitised
to possible risks. In the second step we determine to what
extent you are exposed to the possible risks. Strategies
are indicated that reduce the likelihood of occurrence
and the effects of a negative event. The goal is to provide
you with the right information.
Creating a secure environment
When it comes to the preparation in the African country,
we check the surroundings in which you and your
colleagues will live and work regarding security aspects.
We will already have identified and eliminated potential
weak points before your arrival or developed individual
avoidance strategies. The goal is to create a secure
environment for you and your colleagues.
Arrival and familiarization
We will receive you when you arrive in the African country.
We will accompany you during the first few days of your
stay and train you in security-relevant behaviour. The
strategies and rules of conduct discussed in theory are
put into practice and integrated into your new daily
routine. Through the combination of correct information
and practical experience, the aim here is to enable
you to rely on your most important means of protection
- your intuition - which you always carry with you in
a new environment as well. The objective is to bring
you home safe and sound after successfully completing
your assignment in Africa.
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