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The systematic promotion of resilience is a crucial factor
in enabling the maximum degree of security of expatriates.
Resilience (lat. "resilire" = to bounce back), refers to inner
strength and the ability to proactively cope with stress
and demanding situations.
Emotionally resilient expatriates are distinguished by
a number of different key skills, which are highly relevant
to working successfully abroad. These include, among
others: optimism; network orientation; mindfulness
and equanimity, solution orientation and intercultural skills.
The goal of the resilience training is to strengthen
participants' own resources and, in so doing, boost their
emotional and mental stress resistance. The organization
/company dispatching the employee benefits from a
number of advantages, such as a long-term maintenance
of increased working performance of the expatriate in
a working environment that is stressful by its nature.
Additionally the risk of resignation and frustration
is significantly reduced.
PIA's European-wide and ultimately unique concept for
resilience promotion can usefully supplement the already
existing expatriate preparation efforts of dispatching
organisations. Our resilience concept significantly boosts
the security and performance of expatriates by
developing their "inner strength".
PIA's Europe wide very unique concept for resilience promotion
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